Christmas Loot, New Years and Fun Stuff!

So I had a really great Christmas break from college and work. It was very relaxing to be able to laze around the house and not be worried about rushing out for work or studying. I am back to work now, and will be starting a class on Monday, but since the break I feel so much clearer now.

I was spoiled again this year for Christmas. This year from Kevin I received: an awesome food processor, 4 gig zip/jump drive, Flushed Away dvd and a luxurious housecoat!! I love my housecoat to death.

From my parents I received: lusicous new towels, 4 mini ramekins, a mini casserole dish (1 tiny serving size), a personal planner, jewellery, makeup, slippers, 4 shirts, slippers, chocolates, knife set, art and craft supplies, Venus shaving kit, Betty Crockers Quick and Easy cookbook, The Breakfast Cereal Gourmet (cookbook and history book), The Language of Flowers book, Deepak Chopras Success Cards, Bird Watching book and journal, scrapbooking tote kit, mini slicer... and tons of other things I think I am forgetting!

From my sister I received: Company's Coming 30-Minute Weekday Meals cookbook, watch and bracelet set, hair product, jewellery, Finding Neverland DVD, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory activity book, digital camera and memory card!

From my brother I received: 1 pj set, 1 pj pants, and super fuzzy soft socks!

From JP and Amanda we received: Guitar Hero III!

From Kevins Mom I received: Conair blowdryer

From Carol C I received: towels, chocolates, $30 gift card to Walmart

From Carol C #2 I received: $20

From Grandma A I received: $50

From Kevin's boos we received: $75 gift card to Safeway!

New Years was a blast. Kevin and I went out for dinner at Boston Pizza with Chad and Pete and then we came back to our place and watched some tv, then we started playing Guitar Hero! I love Guitar Hero... it's so much fun and so addicting! While people were playing Guitar Hero (we have it for the computer), I put on a dvd movie trivia game to see how smart Chad is at movies and he really is really smart! We played Guitar Hero and the trivia game until nearly 5 in the morning! The night went by so fast and it was so fun, even if we didn't do anything really!

During the winter break, I decided to re-arrange my studio, so now that it's re-arranged to be more user friendly and more cozy, I am in here waaaaaay more often. I took some pictures with my new digital camera. They are at my flickr account... you can see them here!! Whatcha think?

I really didnt make much sense in this entry, but I'm half asleep at 8:30 when I'm typing this so it's about time I head to bed! I need to rest for work and my doctors appointment tomorrow.

holidays & christmas wishlist

So, college is out for a few weeks until the new year. That is such a relief on my brain at the moment, considering 3 classes, plus working 20+ hours a week, keeping the house in order and trying to fit in time for Kevin and friends and family is a bloody hard thing to do. I'm only taking one course next semester which will be WAY easier on me and my sanity. I have my final marks back for two of my courses and I told Kevin one of my marks (a B+ / 84%... 1% away from an A-) and he was like "that's good". Um, that's GREAT considering this course was bloody hard and if I didn't have a cheat sheet for my midterm and final, I wouldn't have done that great as there is so many different theories to remember. Once I explained that to him he was like "oh, well than that's great!". Duh, it's not like I didn't try. College is different than high school and online courses where I can always have my textbook with me in exams and get 100% all the time.

I love Christmas, I do love getting presents as much as I love giving them. I'm nearly done all of my shopping, just have to pick up a few things for my Kevin, my mom and I think that's it! I can't say what I got just incase someone happens upon this and sees it before Christmas! That would be a very bad bad thing!

This year my wishlist consists of:
- a digital camera
- craft supplies
- food processor
- warm bath robe
- huge bath towels (2)
- clothes
- jewellery
- hair dryer
- journals
- dayplanner
- any movies/dvds to add to my collection
- slippers
- mp3 player/ipod
- anything from my wist
- for everyone to be happy and healthy in 2008!

What's on your wishlist?


Quick Recap

Quick recap of the rest of the year since early July...

- went camping with friends 4 times!!
- worked tons! :(
- started college full time in September and have 2 finals to go this semester
- has done little to no crafting since then and am highly annoyed by that
- has plans to be and stay crafty soon!
- it snowed!!!

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


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busy busy busy

So I've been busy as usual but have some pictures to show! On June 23rd, Jessica and I went for a scenic flight around our area - since there was an extra seat, I invited my friend Trevor to come along. We had a great time and we all would do it again. It was mine and Jessica's first time on a plane and it was one of those tiny little Cesnas! :) Fun fun fun! We flew over Castlegar, out to the Hugh Kennleyside Dam, back towards Castlegar, out to Trail, up to Red Mountain and back to the airport. We took a ton of pictures, but I just uploaded the best ones. You can see the pictures at my facebook album - it's just below...

Just this past long weekend (Canada Day) a bunch of us went camping up in the little Village of Nakusp. It was me, Kev, Jess, JP, Amanda, their 2 month old daughter Abigail and Emily. Trevor and Marianne and their 7 month old son Nate came out on Saturday to hang out for the day, and then went home later in the evening. My parents came out on Sunday afternoon and hung out and then watched the fireworks and went on home. During the weekend we played baseball, tennis and soccer, biked to, around and from town, walked everywhere and just had a great time. Sunday morning we had a pancake breakfast at the firehall, watched the parade at 11:00, went back and had a late bar-be-qued lunch and then ran around playing soccer for close to an hour. My mom has a bunch of pictures on her computer that I need to pick up still. Maybe I'll do that today. Anyway, You can see pictures at my facebook album below...

So I'm on two weeks holidays right now and it's SO SO SO GREAT!! This past week I've tided up the house in the morning, showered, and headed out to go shopping or to the library and after that was done, sitting in the hot hot hot sun in my parents backyard sipping homemade smoothies and chopped fruit and veggies. Yesterday I played in their pool for the day and I almost got a sunburn, but I never burn so it's all good! I'm going back today as it's supposed to get up to 40°C (~104°F for my American friends), so it'll be pool day again! I am going to pick up some pictures from yesterday too and we have a mini video if I can fit it on one of my zip drives and I'll bring that back here too. Next week is supposed to be super sunny and hot again and the week after that when I go back to work is supposed to start being cooler. Ha, sucks on the people who go on holidays then! Time to go play in the sun now...

A Photographic Update...

Been super busy lately, so I thought I'd take pics and show what I've been up to lately...

a. my art table as of right now... a bunch of different sizes of canvases that have gesso texture on them, and are waiting for me to add colour.

b. my little indian girl I found at a thrift store, while thrifting a couple days back... she's sitting on my window sill in my art room.

c. the skirt I'm going to be making soon, I have two different fabrics to make two different styles of skirts.

d. sculpey molded faces, moons, stars and words (dream, wish, imagine) in 4 colours - white, pink, green, blue.

e. some goodies from my last thrifing outting: a keno game, old lace, trip diary, old buttons, trolls, old thread, small deck of cards... all going to be used for altered art!

f. my latest mixed media canvas: gesso textured background, green, blue and orange paint, cut out shapes, wood stained wood shapes, metal embellishments - my fave one yet!

g. little wooden chinese girl from thrifting, she sits on the other side of the window sill in my art room.

h. me - today... I was playing with the camera and thought I'd take a mirror pic of me... as you can see, I've lost weight! Woo! Almost at my goal. :)

I just updated my layout retroglow - I got the image from and the profile code from premade_ljs and altered it to my liking. I also updated my profile: I've also gone back and tagged all of my entries, now they are tagged and I will continue to do so. So much easier!

Now I'm off to watch the NHL Awards with Kevin, then watch a movie with him. Nice relaxing evening this evening.

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C'mon people, DO IT.

(An update to come soon!!)

Happy 25th!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

So today is my birthday, so I've taken the day off of work. Who really wants to work on their birthday?! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I am planning on going for a bike ride in a little while and then practice some tennis. Then I'll come home and shower and probably head over to my parents place to hang out there while Kev is at work. After my dad gets home I get to get my presents from them and have some cake over there and then I'll come home and go out for dinner with Kev and get my gift from him. Depending on what movies are playing, I might get him to take me to see a movie, or we'll go for a walk or something. It's my day today so we're gonna do whatever I wanna do. :D This morning Kev was like "Now you're old, but you're still hot, so that's all good!" what a dork.

So I haven't been around lately because I've been so dang busy with work and trying to get the yard in shape. Plus I've been helping my parents in their yard since my dad had his heart attack he can't really do anything strenuous. This weekend I think I'm just going to take it easy, work on some crafts and have some fun. I'm off for five days so I have a lot of time to relax and recharge - which is exactly what I need to do!

Well I'm gonna go get ready for my bike ride and my nice fun birthday day!! I'll post my gifts later!


So a lot has been going on since the last time I posted... most importantly, my dad had a heart attack almost a month ago. He is okay now and in the recovery process, but it was still the most scary and stressful tim of my life.

(This is the short version - I've left lots of things out... )

As most of you know, my dad and I work at the same place so I've gotten to know his daily routine, so a few days before it happened, I noticed he didn't seem very well and extremely tired. I just thought he was over-working himself and things at home with my brother weren't going that well again (that's a whole other story). So Feb 27, I get a call from my mom saying that I should come home right away because dad is in the hospital with some heart problems. So I leave right away and meet her at the hospital. An hour or so later he's transfered to another hospital for observations. So my dad was in the ICU for about 6 days and then he was transfered upstairs because they needed his room for an isolation room. After another 5 days and more tests, it was decided that he was being sent to Vancouver for an operation. So he was flown down there on a Thursday, we picked him up Friday morning and came home Saturday night. The drive down there was horrendus, but we made it there alive.

Now my dad is on the mend and off of work for a while. I have way more to the story, like how I passed out and how awful the drive was and other details, but I'm too worn out still to do that. All I care about right now is that my dad is alive and well and things are getting better.

Now onto something else... I think I might have to start selling some art/crafts... Kevin and I aren't desperate for money (yet), but since my dads heart attack our flow of cash hasn't been that great. I don't know where I could sell things though. Maybe get an etsy store? Sell them on my blog? Hmm... it's something I'm seriously considering - just to help us a bit more with the money thing...

Off to read a book and try to relax...

good news;

So things have been going a bit better health wise lately - my problems have started to go away, but not fully, which really sucks. I've started taking a B-Complex pill, multi-vitamin with minerals, vitamin C and a 5HTP which I am to take at night. Since I started taking them this month I've been feeling a bit better, but not 100%. We'll just see how things go...

Things with Kevin and I are sooo much better this month than they have in the past 2 years. The reason. Kevin just got a daytime job so he's switching over to dayshift and he seems to be way happier, calmer, easier going. We've shared the same bed two nights in a row and it's so nice to have a real person to cuddle up to to keep warm instead of a cold dead pillow. He's out shopping for a truck right now as he needs one when he starts work next week, but when he gets home we'll be able to spend time together and I wont have to rush to make dinner and his lunch anymore. Thank freaking god! Kevin and I are supposed to be going away this week (Thurs & Fri, maybe longer) to go and buy a truck for him, but if he gets one today, I don't know if we'll still go away. I hope we do. We haven't been away together in a while so it'd be nice to get away! Maybe I can convince him to go to Vancouver or Calgary for the weekend... or away skiing somewhere. We haven't been skiing together ever so that'd be something fun to do.

So now that Kevin is on dayshift I get his laptop, so I've been busy setting it up with the things I would like on it. Actually, I'm typing this up on the laptop while downstairs watching Star Trek Voyager waiting for Kev to get home... ahh, this is the life. :D