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01 September 2005 @ 06:57 pm
swap info  
This is some information about me so that people who would like to craft for me can see what I'm like!

First off, you can checkout my user info and see if anything in there helps you.

random things
do you keep a journal/art sketch book? Yes I do... I don't use it as often as I'd like but I still have it
do you have any pets? I "share" a dog with my parents - she lives there but I go over and see her every day. She's a shi tzu cocker spaniel cross with a touch of lasa apso in her.
do you have a portable CD player, mobile phone, or ipod? I have a cell phone (Nokia 3595) and small mp3 player (Creative MuVo)
do you need another random trinket box? I dont have any!
do you need something to carry your knitting/sewing with you? That would be awesome - I'm always taking some sort of craft with me wherever I go, whether it be crochet or some small sewing or some small paper craft.
do you need another purse/wallet? Sure! I'd love to receive something like that - I can make my own but I like to see what people can make!
what crafts do you do/want to do? I sew, make jewellery (sorta), crochet (sorta) and do paper crafts/altered books/items, atcs. I'd love to learn how to crochet better and how to knit - also better jewellery/earring making techniques - I can't find any proper wire in my area.
do you collect anything? Asian anything - I love asian things, cute and traditional. As well as postcards. Send me pretty postcards people!!

do you wear earing's? yes, but my earrings have to be nickle free as my ears are super sensitive
do you wear bracelets/cuffs? yeppers - now that I dont work with food I can wear lotsa jewellery!
whats your wrist size? 6.5/7"
do you wear necklaces? yup i do, long, short, chokers...
do you wear rings? yup! I only have my promise ring right now but I like thumb rings and pinky rings to wear on my right hand.
do you want gold or silver findings? doesn't really matter to me but I prefer the silver look

what is your shirt size? medium, but I always buy a large and shrink to medium
what is your skirt size? anywhere from 7 - 11 depending on the store (28-30")
what is your trouser size? Same as skirts
what is your shoe size? 7.5
what is your bra size? 36/38C
would you like some clothes made for you? sure why not!

what is are your favourite color? browns, teals, turquoises, vibrant jewelled purple. I also like green, blue, pink, red, orange and yellow. I like most colours but I wear the browns/teals and greens/blues most often.
do you have a favorite animal you would like something made with? tigers, I LOVE tigers. Bengal and white Bengal tigers = <3. I also love pandas, giraffes and other large cats. Swallows are the prettiest birds I've seen.
do you have a favorite TV series you would like something made with? Nah not really, but I do like: IRON CHEF!, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, CSI and Seinfeld. I secretly watch the family channel while I am alone as younger kids shows take away the stress and thoughts of the real adult world.
do you have a favorite book you would like something made with? Nah not really, but I do like JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Stephen King and Terry Prachett to name a few...
What is your favorite food? I like pretty much any fruit or veggie
What is your favorite smell? fresh cut lawn, rain and the ocean.
What are your favorite images? I love pin-up girls and 40/50s clip art/art, 20's flapper chicks, swallows, animals (bengal tiggeerrss!), flowers, retro images...

allergies and aversions
are there any colors you hate? no not really
would you dislike receiving items made from animal products? doesn't matter to me, I don't really like real fur material - I prefer the faux fur stuff.
is there anything you would rather not receive because of religious references? I don't have a religion and probably never will so I prefer things with out a lot of religious references to it, although I would love to learn about the Day Of The Dead - it seems very interesting to me and I can't find much info about it (or crafts or anything made towards it up here in Canada)
do you have any actual allergies? not that I know of

what are your favorite movies? The Ninth Gate, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Carribean, Grease, Tank Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (both versions), Corpse Bride, Finding Neverland, Secret Window, Once Upon a Time In Mexico, Blow, Chocolat... (seeing a pattern here? Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, strange movies... ) Also Twister, Lord of the Rings Triology, Harry Potter, The Life and Death of David Gale, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State. I love most of the movies from the 1980s/early 1990s as well: Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club, Adventures in Babysitting, Labyrinth, Willow, Ferris Buellers Day Off...
who is your favorite person from those movies? Dean Corso, Jack/Sally/Zero, Edward, Captain Jack Sparrow, Danny Zuko, Tank Girl (Lori Petty), Ichabod Crane, Charlie/Wonka, Victor/Corpse Bride/dog, Sir James Matthew Barrie... pretty much the main characters in all the movies I've listed (I don't like Slytherin kids though - slimely little brats ;) !)
who are your celebrity crushes? Johnny Depp [waaaay before POTC]... I also like Seth Green (as a punky kid)...
who is the best cartoon character? I LOVE all of my old cartoon shows that I used to watch in the 80's - Flintstones, Jetsons, My Little Pony, Scooby Doo, Beetlejuice, Rainbow Brite, Tail Spin, Carebears, Dennis the Menace, Duck Tales, Bugs Bunny/Tweety, Looney Tunes... etc.
whats your favourite music/bands: Metallica, Stabbing Westward (no longer together), Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, The Rasmus, Backstreet Boys, Hilary Duff, Aerosmith... pretty much ANY music as long as it sounds good to me. I don't like just one genre I like them all pretty much.
who is/are your favourite authours: J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Terry Prachett, John Saul and Stephen King are my faves.
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